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You Should KnowGiving doesn’t have to be a difficult thing.

  • Step 1

    Just press the donate now button on this page

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    Choose your amount and remember to tick the gift aid box

  • Step 3

    Finally select wether you wish your donation to be a one off gift or a recurring donation


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Getting involved is as easy. One, Two, Three

Step 1: Donate

Choose an amount that you would like to contribute towards our mission to help provide counselling for the BAME community via both referral and non referral

Step 2: Help

Help us put in place the infrastructure and additional resources we need to take our services to the next level and reach more people in the BAME community who need our help

Step 3: Repeat

If you can , make it a recurring donation, monthy , quarterly or annually and remember you can avail of gift aid which means the tax man will add a bit more to the kitty

Whatever Works for YouWe accept PayPal and Credit Card.

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