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It is our aim to provide culturally sensitive counselling support or in common minority ethnic language to people living and working in Northern Ireland whose first language is not English.

Counsellors at CANS specifically trained and culturally sensitive if preferred will work with clients in their own common language or cultural heritage

Last Year
We supported over 200
men and woman from over 18 countries.

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Aims and Priorities
2018 – 2022
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Aim 1: To plan and develop services in response to needs and opportunities
1.1 Deliver psychological therapeutic programmes as agreed with funders
1.2 Regularly review and research relevant needs in the BAME community, to identify further unmet needs and opportunities for the provision of services
11.3 Develop and expand other therapies and services which facilitate good mental health and emotional wellbeing
1.4 Develop prevention and early intervention work
1.5 Develop psychological therapies for children and young people
1.6 Further develop appropriate partnerships to expand therapeutic services
1.7 Develop CANS’ services to other parts of NI.

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