Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why people ask for counselling?

People seeking counselling may be going through some sort of crisis in their life and cannot see which way to turn.


Q2. What type of therapy is provided?

Depending on the approach or model of each counsellor and individuals presenting issues. However, at CANs the language or cultural heritage requirements will always be considered during the initial assessment stage.


Q3. How does it work in practice?

When you first contact Counselling All Nations, you will be given an appointment for a one-off initial consultation appointment. This lasts for approximately 1½ hours. It allows the counsellor to find out about you and the issues you want to bring to counselling, and the assessment will enables you to find more about CANs. Also, to assess whether you might benefit from this type of counselling, it may also be your first experience of counselling, and so enables you to decide if this might help you.


Q4. How is confidentiality dealt with?

Counselling is a private and confidential form of help; all our counsellors abide by CANs confidentiality policy. The confidential relationship between client and counsellor has its limitations, when there is a risk of someone being seriously hurt (that may include yourself) and when it is in the public interest. All our counsellors are required to attend monthly clinical supervision, this practice does not, however, involve revealing identity of clients in terms of names and personal details.


Q5. Reports and Record Keeping

As a client of CANs you will have access to the counselling notes our counsellor kept, they are short, an ‘aide-memoir’ recording only a summary of what client have told his/her counsellor.


Q6. Waiting list

We will endeavour to contact you within seven days of your referral to let you know how soon you will be invited for initial assessment which may last for 1.5hrs


Q7. How many sessions will I need?

At the end of your initial assessment, we may negotiate a limited number of sessions to start with. However, ultimately you decide whether you want just one session or more.


Q8. How long does a session last?

Sessions are fifty minutes, long, however, you will need to set aside ninety minutes for the initial session.


Q9. Membership of Professional Organisation

All our counsellors are required to register with a professional organisation and go through their accreditation/registration process so as to ensure that code of Ethics and Practice are followed.