About Us

Lekan Ojo-Okiji Abasi – HPD in Counselling, Registered MBACP

Community development worker and a Professional Counsellor, I genuinely care about the welfare and well being of people, and as part of my role, I want to support people to make a difference to their lives and well being at every opportunity, including in diversity and equality of opportunity.


I have worked with people providing one-to-one therapeutic counselling support, exploring issues that might be causing them problems or difficulties, such as:
– Depression, Anxiety, Low Self Esteem, Stress;
– Aggression, Anger management, Interpersonal Relationship;
– Bereavement and Loss;
– Trauma and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PSTD).

My other key skills include: advocacy; Leadership; Management; Mediation; Mentoring; and Children & Youth Empowerment.


Brenda Skillen BSc Hons, Adv. Dip., MBACP Registered


bioBrenda is of mixed White/Asian ethnicity.  Brenda graduated in Criminology and Criminal Justice which led to her engaging in numerous years of mentoring and befriending adultsand Young people who were involved in the CriminalJustice System.This experience led to Brenda pursuing a career in Counselling after recognising the level of mental health issues that communities experience.  Brenda has extensive experience in Suicide Risk and Bereavement Counselling.  Recognising the void in provision of counselling for the BME community led to Brenda engaging in the NICEM/CAN experience.

Our Vision

  • CANs vision is to improve and enhance the quality of life for Black and Minority Ethnic individuals and communities through the provision of culturally sensitive or where possible common minority ethnic language.

Our Mission

  • CANs exists to support and promote the mental health and emotional well-being of people from Black and Minority Ethnic communities through the provision of culturally appropriate or common minority ethnic language, high quality and accessible counselling service.


Zoe Gage & Stacey Wright have worked in association with CANs and Science Shop University of Ulster to develop this website.